ACBA Leasing is a new Energocredit partner


On March 12, a loan agreement for USD 2 million was signed between the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and "ACBA Leasing" CJSC. Through this programme, Armenian SMEs - as the main beneficiaries - can benefit from a new loan product of  "Green Leasing with Cashback". This implies 10 or 15% cash return from the amount of the leasing contract. This is the second initiative with EBRD aimed at investing in energy saving equipment and technology leasing under the umbrella of "Green Leasing" introduced by ACBA.

EBRD’s Energocredit programme makes the loan package and the cashback opportunity available to ACBA Leasing’s customers. Through local participating financial institutions, Energocredit finances energy efficiency and renewable energy projects of businesses and individuals in the Caucasus region. The European Union Neighbourhood Investment Facility offers 10 or 15 % cash back on energy efficiency measures for successful eligible projects. Expert advice and technical assistance is provided by local and international experts, supported by the Austrian Ministry of Finance.