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Energocredit at HSBC Trade Academy in Yerevan

please click for source On 12 December 2014 Energocredit team presented the details and benefits of the Energocredit program to business leaders such as executives, CEO’s, owners and accountants of about 30 companies that attended the 13th Forum of HSBC Trade Academy in Yerevan, Armenia.  The companies, doing trade in and outside Armenia, learned about the benefits and the grant opportunities of the Energocredit program. 

link HSBC joined the Energocredit Facilty to equip its corporate customers with the energy efficient investment loan capacity. Through Energocredit, the corporate customers of local partner banks as HSBC can qualify for 10 or 15% grant cashback for their environmentally friendly investment. 

HSBC has been the partner bank of Energocredit since July 2014 with a loan agreement signed with EBRD to provide a total amount of 10 million USD to the bank’s corporate customers.  With the help of Energocredit program, HSBC can help businesses make energy efficient and environmentally friendly investments that can expand and make their businesses more competitive on a long-term basis.